The Lauf.Sport.Fest.Salzburg is the highlight of a wide-ranging sports programme in the city and region of Salzburg. The statement: Salzburg is running in 2021. Be in when the Lauf.Sport.Fest.Salzburg sends out a strong signal for diversity and peaceful coexistence on the stage of health sports with all its facets from 1st to 3rd October.

Sparkasse Half Marathon

Start: Sunday, 3rd October at 9.30 am

Are you running your first half marathon? Are you an ambitious and competitive runner? Do you look for the special feeling of a running event with thousands of runners? The Sparkasse half marathon on the flat course through Salzburg with its unique sights is definitely the right place for you!

Hyundai Relay-Challenge

Start: Sunday, 3rd October at 9.30 am

Your running partner and you are the perfect team? Set a goal and enjoy a running event together! Together you complete a half marathon as a relay duo – including shared anticipation, shared motivation, shared running pleasure and shared reward after crossing the finish line.

Salzburg Women’s Run

Start: Friday, 1st October at 6.00 pm

Feel the women’s power! Be part of a great movement that stands for an active lifestyle of and health-conscious women! Enjoy the unique character of this emotional and fascinating event as a prelude to the Salzburg Lauf.Sport.Fest.Salzburg. Because on Friday evening the motto is “Woman runs!” & “Woman walks!”, over 5.5 kilometres.

“OneMileForASmile“ – the Inclusion Run by Coca-Cola

Start: Saturday, 2nd October at 17.30 pm

With every step, with every mile, you make your contribution to making children’s lives safer and more valuable. Support one of the charity projects at “OneMileForASmile“, the Inclusion Run by Coca-Cola!

KidsRun & JuniorRun

Start: Saturday, 2nd October from 4 pm.

Intensive emotions, youthful enthusiasm, refreshing commitment – the KidsRun and the JuniorRun are the big stage and important movement motivator for Salzburg’s young talent.

“Salzburg läuft!“ FamilyRun

Start: Saturday, 2nd October at 6 pm

The event for all runners. Run the 5.3-kilometre course along the banks of river Salzach together with your children, your family, your running friends, your work colleagues. Salzburg runs all year round, but especially on 2 October. Enjoy a memorable, shared running experience all together!