If you do not register online, we do offer the two following options of paying the entry fee:

  • by SEPA
  • bank transfer to: SportImPuls Verlags- & Marketing GmbH (IBAN AT43 2040 4000 4075 0341, BIC SBGSAT2S)
Sparkasse Half Marathon40,00€45,00€50,00€60,00€70,00€
Hyundai Relay-Challenge *50,00€60,00€70,00€80,00€95,00€
Salzburg Women’s Run28,00€32,00€36,00€45,00€
Salzburg Women’s Run (U20)18,00€18,00€18,00€20,00€
„Salzburg läuft!“ FamilyRun18,00€20,00€22,00€30,00€
KidsRun & JuniorRun8,00€8,00€8,00€15,00€

*per relay

The transaction costs for bank transfers are paid by the organizer. An additional fee of €2.00 per participant will be charged for all registrations but for online registrations.

Registration for teams (only Salzburg Women’s Run) is only possible if single-registration is already confirmed. Than, there are no additional entry-fees.

Payment will only be accepted without charges for the organizer. Entry fees are NONREFUNDABLE if entrant fails to participate. We recommend to choose an entry-fee insurance, which can only be booked at our online registration.